So, I’ve been doing some research on hypo allergenic cats (which seems to be a debatable thing), and I’ve found some really interesting breeds! I’m kind of nerding out on it, actually. I’m trying to find a good cat that can live in my one bedroom apartment, be friendly but can be left alone for periods of time without going insane, isn’t TOO vocal, smart and doesn’t upset my boyfriend’s allergies too much. 

My two favorites so far have been the Ocicat an the Russian Blue. Aren’t they so pretty?!

Do any of you have any experience with living with a cat and having allergies to them? Do you acclimate to their certain danders and such?

  1. sneakyfoxeh answered: You should get two cats, so they can play with each other while you’re gone. Sounds odd, yet it’s true.
  2. love4my2cats answered: I own 2 Russian Blues as well and they are absolutely amazing :) I am not allergic but they are friendly, quiet, caring and loving! :)
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  4. sepiatonedlover answered: i’m not allergic to cats but i can vouch for russian blues as apartment dwellers. mine hardly meows and never wants to go outside.
  5. xyzamyatin answered: i have 2 russian blues and usually suffer from pretty severe allergies around cats but my kitties don’t bother me at all!
  6. catch-that-tail answered: I am highly allergic to cats and I do have a russian blue… I sadly see no difference.
  7. visually-inebriated answered: You should brush them frequently. It helps control the hair and dander. Also have allergy meds to help others visiting who are allergies.
  8. ameliabutter answered: I’m pretty allergic to rowdy sometimes. Aren’t those breeds of cats super expensive? Go look at greenhill!!
  9. moronic-overlord answered: ommmmmm they’re both gorgeous!
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